Video clips...

...that entertain and maybe even inspire to get out there.

There are a few other videos here that have nice music, scenery or other redeeming features about them. Maybe they give a nice reflection of us?

If you have any other great clips worth watching, or some of the links are broken, please let us know here, we would love to see your clips or fix the problems. 

Brand new Video section

In our quest to find our own yacht and plan to set sail into the sunset, Danni and I watched many amazing video clips online. Most of them truly inspiring and appetite wetting to go and make your own dreams come true.

We decided to list some here for you to enjoy:

Alluring Arctic

His name is Juho and sails single handed near the Arctic circle, looking for the best ski slopes to explore. Sailing and skiing, documented by what I think is THE most amazing footage out of all the YouTube channels we follow. Only new on the scene, the videos are truly spectacular and his friendly understated nature is an added bonus. Big thumbs-up from us!

Adventures of an old Seadog

This old pommy sea-dog has a lovely outlook even though he has plenty of trails to go with his tribulations. Just a lovely man doing what he loves. 

Sailing Yacht Florence

A lovely British couple who set off in 2016 to sail around the world on their 37ft monohull. Having crossed the Atlantic, Pacific, South Pacific islands, New Zealand, Australia and now South East Asia, these is much inspiration to find with the two lovely people.

Sailing Learning By Doing

Here is a guy that takes professional pictures of skiers and snowboarders during the Northern hemisphere winter months and sails from Australia around Papua New Guinea to Indonesia during his "down" time. Great footage from places most people only sail past. 


Great resource of fiber-glassing, painting and polishing among many other jobs associated with boat building or maintenance. One of our "go-to" channels for learning new skills required for our projects.


Sail Life

Mads is one of the best known DIY yacht re-furbish channels on the internet. Living on his first boat with his dog, this journey shows a FULL rebuild of his second yacht, hoping to finish and set sail with his new found fiance'. If attention to detail you want, this is it!

NBJS (Erik Aanderaa)

NBJS is just as it suggests, "no bullshit just sailing". Awesome viewing about solo sailing in harsher weather. How to go about sailing single handed as well as plenty of other information while showing some incredibly scenic footage from between Norway and Scotland. He's such a cool viking!

Free Range Sailing

These two lovebirds are sailing around Australia on a more minimalist budget, yet manage to live like kings on what they catch. A great inspirational and informational YouTube channel that is created by two truly lovely and inspiring people that also happen to be deeply in love,... and it shows! :-)


One of our favourites is Simpatica, a young family setting sail and documenting not only their trip, but also share their feelings and thoughts on how life on the water and strange places has enriched their lives.


SV Delos

Young bunch of fun people sailing around the world with only one aim in mind,... to have fun to the max!

They have around 30 videos and all of them are worth watching.


Captain Rusty

Alex Rust, this guy is just crazy fun and we love his take of the world.


White Spot Pirates

This is about Nike, a young German woman who bought a yacht near Panama and is fixing it up to set sail. She is amazing and the most hard working determined person I have come across. Around 40+ truly are inspiring videos.


Sailing La Vagabonde

These two lovely people started out as novices, but soon learned by doing. SHowing us all how to, why and why you wouldn't not do what they do.

Plus others.